Dare to Dream - Whatever the circumstances, wherever you are.

Never live without a dream! When you tell others about your dreams they seem evenly divided on your chances of success. Those who encourage you will tell you about their dream. Those who discourage seem to have lost their innocence and sense of adventure. They now find it hard to dream dreams that carry risks, and risks are necessary to make dreams happen.


Here are a few things to remember about dreams:


Never try to live someone else’s dream. You will never have a sustained passion and drive to be happily successful.


Never be afraid to live a shared dream. The journey is more joyful, the rewards more fulfilling and the success sweeter.  The inevitable failures and setbacks will be less devastating. The recovery will be quicker and the revised dream much richer.


Shared dreams are one of the things that make a marriage more sustainable and life more enjoyable.


If God is the author and creator of the world…and He is. If He established the order of everything…and He did. And since He holds the future of the world in His hands, then how well your dreams will succeed depends on how they align with God's Kingdom principles and His plans for your life.


Here’s my problem. Most of my dreams are too small and too self-centered to be as successful and fulfilling as they could be.  I suspect that that is true for most people.


I know this is a time of transition for me and I sense that it may also be a time of transition for many others. It may possibly be part of a transition that started years ago. The challenge and suggestions is this.  Brainstorm…Dream…What are the what if’s…forget the practical…think of helping people understand the impact Christ wants to make in their life, and the impact He wants you to make on others. God is passionate about His people. We need to catch that passion and enthusiasm, build on it and pass it on to others. And most importantly, create a plan of action that will allow your dreams to become reality.


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